Hungerford Reserves

In 1774, the Hungerford Resolves, a response by citizens to new taxes imposed by the British, were signed by ten men at the Hungerford Tavern in Rockville, launching what is now Montgomery County into an armed revolt against their colonizer and protector Great Britain. Celebrate the 250th anniversary of these actions as we lead up to the semi quincentennial of American independence.

Hungerford Tavern Night: 250th Anniversary of the Hungerford Resolves

Saturday, June 1, 6 – 9 p.m. at the Brookville Academy

18th-century tavern BBQ (+ vegetarian sides), sweet cider and pale ale; sing along with popular songs of the day; and witness the signing of a major political statement of June 1774. Come as you are or don colonial attire. Ticketed and limited to 50 people.