Planning Documents

The Heritage Tourism Alliance of Montgomery County (Heritage Montgomery) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization created by State and county leaders seeking to raise the profile of the county’s heritage and culture, for residents and visitors alike.

The Heritage Montgomery Management Plan was completed in November 2002 to provide Heritage Montgomery with a strategic direction, action agenda, and a framework for implementation.

An amendment was made to the Management Plan in April 2013 when the City of Rockville was added to the heritage area.

Organizations applying for MHAA and Mini Grants through Heritage Montgomery will want to familiarize themselves with these documents. Siting the Management Plan will strengthen any grant application.

View 2002 Management Plan (PDF)

View 2013 Rockville Amendment (PDF)

View 2018 Heritage Area Boundary Amendment (PDF)

Heritage Area Interpretive Plan

An Interpretive Plan is currently being written. When completed it will serve to update and specify interpretive strategies outlined in the 2002 Management Plan as well as put forth specific themes, goals, and implementation plans.